Therapy Partners

Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Child & Adolescent Therapy, Psychological and Psychoeducational Evaluations

Therapy Partners

Therapy Partners Hong Kong provides services to clients in innovative and evidence-supported ways. Balancing the use of technology that helps to ease the process of accessing and arranging for services, with the need for sensitive, comprehensive, and localised support is what sets our service apart from others. We offer services to clients both in Hong Kong and internationally.  A number of clients utilise both face-to-face therapy and teletherapy interchangeably.

Formerly Known as ClinPsych Services

Our original name was a nod to our founding partner’s training in clinical psychology, which began as a profession in 1896. At first, the field focused on educational impairments in children and later expanded to include testing for aptitude, occupations, and personality. When utilised appropriately, psychological evaluations can work together very effectively with psychotherapies to address challenges faced by individuals and families. Therapy Partners continues to offer both assessment and therapy services. As our team has expanded to offer mental healthcare from other qualified professionals, we remain informed by careful assessment and specialised support. The new name reflects our commitment to work together with each other and our clients to assist with all aspects of mental wellness.

Our Philosophy

Client ratings of their therapist’s empathy is a significant determinant of successful psychotherapy. At Therapy Partners, we are committed to collaborating with clients in order to establish deep understanding of a client’s presenting situation. When we develop formulations of problems faced by clients, we are careful to acknowledge the fact that certain behaviours stem from unmet needs that are universal. We also emphasise the present moment, focusing on current problems and distressing situations, and how they are responded to. When determining which interventions are more likely to benefit clients, we focus on specifying maladaptive processes that are contributing to overarching problems.

Flexible Approach

A flexible approach to therapy is of key importance in today’s fast-moving and ever-changing world. We offer traditional, face-to-face individual therapy. Additionally, we offer teletherapy – allowing clients who cannot or would prefer not to attend sessions in person the option of receiving services online.

Family therapy is also a key service offered as part of our treatment options. In family therapy, instead of focusing on individual symptoms, we question the certainty about who has a problem and whether or not the problem lays solely within that individual. Family therapists endeavor to move families from linear (“it’s Johnny”) and medical model thinking (“he’s hyperactive”) to an interactional perspective.