Empowering yourself to navigate life’s challenges and thrive. Individual can help adolescents and children over 5.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

For parents

Is your child going through a tough time and is not themselves? Do you have behaviours you do not understand? In therapy, it is the therapist’s responsibility to create a safe space for a child to talk to someone who can fully listen on getting through this challenging time. Individual therapy is private and confidential, so it is a safe space for your child to open up. Our child and family therapist can also collaborate with your child’s school mental health team and support your child.

For teens

Sometimes life can be challenging with all the dramas in life, if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed,or find it difficult to open up, conversations with a therapist are confidential. This means no information is shared with anyone without your permission (except safety concerns). Our therapists work from a client-centered approach, they will work with you at where you are most comfortable and at your pace. You don’t have to go through this alone.

FAQ – Child and Adolescent Therapy
Will you tell my parents everything I tell you? What are the limits to confidentiality?

Therapy sessions are confidential, meaning that what you discuss with us will not be shared with others without your permission (except for safety reasons). We will work with you and help you build a sense of comfortableness for if or when you choose to share information that you want to share with your family.

How can I talk to my parents about going to therapy, and what should I do if they don’t support the idea?

Talking to your parents about going to therapy can be challenging, but it’s important to communicate your needs and concerns. You can start by explaining why you think therapy would be helpful for you and how it could benefit you in the long run. It may also be helpful to provide them with information about the therapy process and to address any concerns they may have. If your parents are not supportive of the idea, you can consider reaching out to a school counselor or another trusted adult for guidance and support. One of our therapists can also have a consultation with your parent(s) to explain the process so they understand what it is about.

Therapist List

Dr. Fabia Cheung
Clinical Psychologist
DPsych (Clinical)

Tanya Knott

Dr. Jennifer Lau
Clinical Psychologist
DPsych (Clinical)

Pui-Yan Katie Leung